CAMP DAVID SUP World Cup Fehmarn // 18. – 20.07.2014 // Südstrand, Fehmarn GERMANY


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The paddle champions


Early in April, the best stand up paddler of the world hurled into the South Atlantic at the coast of Brazil and so starting the Stand Up World Series 2014. Now, seven month later, the kings of paddle sports are curtain and were crowned a few days ago at the coast of Turtle Bay. Connor Baxter, who ended up second

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Successful premier at Fehmarn


After the last weekend Fehmarn proofed to be the perfect place for the CAMP DAVID SUP World Cup. The white sand and a clear blue sky, created a perfect Hawaiian beach feeling. Altogether 30 professional stand up paddler from 14 different nation found their way to Fehmarn, to fight for world ranking points and a price money of 25.000 euro.

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Overall victory for Connor Baxter

men´s overall champions

After his victory in the long distance race (10.000m) and the second place in the sprint distance, Stand Up World Series overall leader Connor Baxter, became the overall champion at CAMP DAVID SUP World Cup 2014 at Fehmarn. After the last race on Saturday it was clear, that the long distance race wouldn´t be an easy task for the athletes.

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The CAMP DAVID SUP World Cup 2014 celebrates its debut on Fehmarn!
From 18th til 20th of July, the worlds best stand up paddler compete at the only official European tour stop of the Stand Up World Series on Fehmarn and will guarantee high-class action. In addition the CAMP DAVID SUP World Cup doesn’t only give professional paddler the chance to show their skills, but amateur and semi-professional riders will get the unique chance to fight for the victory in the “Fun Race”. The CAMP DAVID SUP World Cup is a perfect mix of impressive watersport competitions, relaxed beach atmosphere and some awesome parties.


Pros & amateurs compete at the only stop of the Stand Up World Series in Europe: Action, beachlife, party and plenty more… !


The beautyful island Fehmarn in the Baltic Sea, Beach is called “Südstrand” (Suburb “Burgtiefe”, beachfront at the “Café Sorgenfrei”)


18. til 20. July 2014, daily from 10.00 am




Beside the SUP competition we present multiple side-events at the CAMP DAVID SUP World Cup – during the whole day. The active visitors can exploit themselves while playing volleyball or slacklining. For those who would like to take it easy, we built up chill out area with a lot of comfy hammocks and beach chairs: welcome in our beach club!

SUP Expo & Testival


At the CAMP DAVID SUP World Cup we present you the latest stuff of the SUP scene. Our motto: don’t just look, touch and join the action! You can rent and try out the brand new boards directly at the spot. For free, of course! When you are done, you can share your experience with the exhibitors, ask questions or chat with the professionals and team riders.



To warm-up for our parties’ you can start layed back in a hammock, with a cold drink while watching the sunset. Later, when it’s getting dark, the beach party is getting hot. Get excited for shoeless dancing at the beach!



kai lenny

  • 10.00 – 19.00
    SUP expo & testival, event radio and side events
  • 12.00 – 15.00
    VIP & media SUP relay
  • 15.00
    Award ceremony VIP & media SUP relay
  • 17.00 – 19.00
    Registration Pro Races (Stand Up World Series) at the riders lounge
  • 17.00 – 19.00
    Registration Fun Races at the riders lounge
  • 19.30
    Opening ceremony and presentation of the nations on the event stage
  • from 19.00
    N-JOY The Party with “Marquess” presented by N-JOY radio


  • 10.00 – 19.00
    SUP expo & testival, event radio and side events
  • 10.00
    Riders meeting Sprint Distance (Pro Races & Fun Races) at the riders lounge
  • 11.00 – 18.00
    Competition: Sprint Distance (Pro Races & Fun Races)
  • 18.30
    Award ceremony Sprint Distance (Pro Races & Fun Races) on the event stage
  • from 19.00
    N-JOY The Party with “Tonbandgerät” presented by ProSieben


  • 10.00 – 18.00
    SUP expo & testival, event radio and side events
  • 10.00
    Riders meeting Long Distance (Pro Races & Fun Races) at the riders lounge
  • 11.00
    Start Long Distance Pro Races
  • 13.00
    Start Long Distance Fun Races
  • 16.00
    Award ceremony Long Distance (Pro Races & Fun Races) on the event stage
  • 18.00
    End of the event – see you in 2015!


Stand Up Paddling

Not long ago, not lot of people could imagine to stand on a long board with a paddle in the hand and surf though the waves and float on the water. Today there is nearly no place connected to the water, where you don’t see them – the stand up paddler. SUP is not only a perfect workout for the whole body and the perfect sport for every age, it is also a great competition sport.

At the CAMP DAVID SUP World Cup 2014 on Fehmarn the participants compete in two categories and in two disciplines.






“Pro Race”: In this category the national and international professionals compete against each other. They fight for important points of the world ranking and a price money of 25.000,00 USD in total. More information about the Stand Up Series you can get her:

Stand Up World Series

“Fun Race”: This category offers the chance to all non-full-professional SUP freaks who want to take part at the CAMP DAVID SUP World Cup, too. Ambitious amateur and semi-professional stand up paddler compete against each other in a sportive competition. They fight for a price money of around 4.800.00 USD in total.





Sprint Distance: The participants have to complete a distance of 500m. A fast start with high speed is absolutely essentail for this short track. The rider start in different heats. The fastest ones move on to the next round, meaning that the field of athletes becomes smaller till the final heat is set. The first round of the race is a “non-elimination-round”, which means that every paddler will participate in at least two heats.

Long Distance: At the long distance race, the athletes of both categories paddle a track of 5km or/and 10km. Buoys mark the turning points. The participants start, separated in the different distances, in a mass. Impressive picture! Paddling the long distance it is essential to distribute your energy.


Kai Lenny

Kai Lenny

View Details
Connor Baxter

Connor Baxter

View Details
Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

View Details
Noelani Sach

Noelani Sach

View Details
Angela Jackson

Angela Jackson

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Annabel Anderson

Annabel Anderson

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Kai Lenny

Kai Lenny

Age: 21

Home counrty: Hawaii

Stand Up Series Place: 2

Title: 2x Stand Up World Series Champion
1x SUP Overall World Champion

Connor Baxter

Connor Baxter

Age: 19

Home counrty: Hawaii

Stand Up Series Place: 1

Title: “Fastest Paddler on Earth”
2x Ho´olaule´a Event Champion

Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

Age: 20

Home counrty: Hawaii

Stand Up Series Place: 3

Title: 1x The Battle of The Paddle Open age 14’ class and the
Distance 12’6” class
1x 11-City Tour

Noelani Sach

Noelani Sach

Age: 16

Home counrty: Germany

Stand Up Series Place: %

Title: German SUP Champion Long Distance / Challenge
German Indoor SUP Championship

Angela Jackson

Angela Jackson


Home counrty: Australia

Stand Up Series Place: 1

Annabel Anderson

Annabel Anderson

Age: 31

Home counrty: New Zealand

Stand Up Series Place: %

Title: 2x World SUP Champion


Best of 2014

Best of 2014

Fotoshooting 2014

Fotoshooting 2014



Register for the CAMP DAVID SUP World Cup, right now!


You want to paddle at the CAMP DAVID SUP World Cup Fehmarn 2014? Here you find important information for your registration:

The CAMP DAVID SUP World Cup offers all amateur stand up paddler the chance to take part in the Fun Races over 500m plus 5.000m and 10.000 m. You can register online or by mail.

The CAMP DAVID SUP World Cup is the only European tour stop of the international professional series Stand Up World Series and offers all ambitious, semi-professional SUP athletes the unique opportunity to compete with some of the best stand up paddler in the world.

A registration for the same distance in the class of “Fun Race” and Stand Up World Series is NOT possible.


Declaration of agreement for minors


Terms of participations





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Raps Fehmarn

The island Fehmarn is located in the Baltic Sea, around 150 km northeast from Hamburg. It´s one of the sunniest regions in Germany. Even far across the border, Fehmarn is known as a “Mekka” for water sports and offers a perfect spot for professionals and amateurs. With its wide beach and the flat water Fehmarn is a perfect location for stand up paddler. Depending on the wind, the water is smooth or choppy with moderate surf. You want to know more about Fehmarn. Here you go…


Travel information


Whether you arrive with your own car, by bus or by train – many ways take you to Fehmarn- Südstrand and to the CAMP DAVID SUP World Cup. Here you find information and many options for your accomodation on Fehmarn:

Travel information
Good to Know


Don´t worry! Here we answer all important questions you might have about the CAMP DAVID SUP World Cup:

Good To Know

SUP Village

Here you will find all informations about the SUP-Village!




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BIC is the world market leader in the field of windsurf for over 20 years and has most recently focussed its knowledge and experience on launching an extensive range of Stand Up Paddle boards. BIC Sport has become a forerunner in the industrial scale manufacture of surf and SUP boards, a benchmark manufacturer in the demanding surf market, BIC Sport is also a European market leader in sit-on-top kayaks, with a range of innovative kayaks that have picked up numerous design awards. And more recently BIC Sport has created a similar dynamic in the world of dinghy sailing, where their highly innovative O’pen BIC model has totally revitalised the world of child/youth dinghy racing.


Hear the silence of crystal clear mountain lake, in which the top of the Alps are reflected in. Breath the Mediterranean flair of the Lago Maggiore. Passing over the reed belt of the Neusiedler See or explore the Donauauen in the evening sun. Discover the un-touched nature on your CrosLake.
Because they are wide, the CrosLake boards are stable on the water and more tilt stabil than other SUP boards, so everybody can use a CrosLake. Another positive effect is, that the boards are immune against collateral waves. And for sure the boards are perfect for the conditions on sea and in choppy water.


Fanatic was founded in 1981, being on the scene since day one and continues to be one of the leading windsurfing brands worldwide. In 2010 we started Fanatic SUP.
Fanatic’s commitment to excellence and exclusive CAD-shaping system has produced a complete line of great boards. Thanks to earlier progress, our riders have unleashed their style to reach new limits of performance. Race wins from Race Champs like Jake Jensenon, extreme surfing by Kyron Rathbone and all-round awesomeness from Arthur Arutkin supplies our shaper Sebastian Wenzel with the highest quality R&D input possible. Thanks to our CAD-design program and over 30-years of experience in the performance windsurfing market, Fanatic has been at the forefront of SUP.


JP Australia SUP Surf Paddle Board come in two constructions and four sizes. the JP Australia SUP Surf Paddle Board is a pro surf board shape designed for riding waves. This Surf range is based on radical surf board designs adapted and adjusted for the needs of SUP.
They are equipped with a narrower nose section, higher entry and extra rocker for real surf board feeling. Keeping them rather wide, in combination with a flat deck curve guarantees sufficient stability to cross the white water. Towards the back the boards have a pulled-in outline with increased V. Once on the wave face, you just shift your weight slightly back and you will experience fast rail to rail response and agility resulting in tighter turns while maintaining speed.
For the advanced SUP surfer they provide vertical turns and surfboard style ripping! The whole range comes with a FCS plug in the nose to attach your Go Pro camera. All four boards come with a Thruster setup. They also come with a mast foot insert to attach a windsurf rig and are great lightwind wave boards. You have to experience that strapless wave windsurf feeling.


Since 1976, Mistral has been the worldwide lifestyle brand for those who live the coastal life. Anchored to the coast and to the sports-loving, relaxed life associated with it. Recognisable, familiar and continuously on the move. Famous for its innovative surfboards and clothing with headstrong designs, always in to new adventures, like Stand Up Paddle surfing (SUP). Mistral links sea, sun, wind and sand. As dynamic and familiar as the coast from where it came.


At Naish we’re not afraid to tread our own path. Based on Maui, Hawaii, we began life as an innovative windsurfing company and over the years, have evolved and grown into the brand you see today.
Today we are a leading force in windsurfing, kiteboarding, and stand up paddling. With tens of thousands of sails, kites, and boards under our belt, we truly live and breathe boardriding. Through innovative designs and engineering, state-of-the-art production techniques and advanced materials, Naish continues to push the envelope with industry leading boardriding products.
Whether you windsurf, kiteboard or stand up paddle, you can be confident that we have just what you need.


Our story is simple. A couple years ago a member of our team experienced a critical situation. Since then we want water sport to be safer for our friends and us. As students of mechanical engineering the idea evolved and we created a little bag that includes a re-usable lifting body, which which is big enough to bring you in a solid position. RESTUBES stands for safety and freedom in the water.


By just looking at how fast the sport has grown, continues to grow each year, and with the largest group of SUPers falling within the lifestyle genre we focus and plan our strategy around this by providing boards, paddles and accessories that anyone can ride, travel with and enjoy on a daily basis.

The beauty and excitement of SUP is that it is a sport for everyone of all ages. You don’t need top skills or to perform at the most advanced level. It is the weekend warriors, the people that want to play on the water with their friends and family that will continue to drive this sport and who will be the one’s that carry us into the next phase of SUP. We want to inspire people to get into paddle boarding and to “Live the Tiki Life”.


Since 25 years we are the most famous wind- and kitesurf shop in Fehmarn and we do everything to present you a big collection of boards, sails, kites and other hardware products. No matter if you want a fin, suit or sails, for every question, we have the right answer.


An old flame never dies and so does the fascination for the VW T1 bus. Developed in 1949 and released one year later, the T1 is still an icon. The Bully isn’t just a symbol for the economic miracle, it´s also an allegory for freedom and adventure. The idea of Van One Classic Cars was create by two passionate surfers and their love for the Volkswagen T1 bus. This enthusiasm was the foundation for a unique mode collection which connects the cult and the special feeling of the bus.


Since 1990 Windsport Fehmarn is the first adress for all windsurfer, kitesurfer, surfrider and stand up paddler. Beside our new products, we also offer you some reasonable stuff from the last season, second-hand products and a plethora of wetsuits, fashion and accessories for moderate prices. The whole year!
Because we life for the board sport, we can give you competent and comprehensive advises. You don´t want to buy a pig in a poke?! No problem. At our place you can check nearly every product, before you buy it. By that you know immediately, which board, kite, or sail fits perfect to your driving skills.










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